4 images that make you want a Net-Zero home in Ontario

A Net Zero home produces at least as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. You’ll want to live in one after going through this list.

It’s a fact. Net-zero homes are not only a work of architectural and engineering marvel but an advantage in the marketplace highlighted by the potential for long-term energy savings. A net-zero ready home in Ontario uses two-thirds less energy, with savings that could amount to $1,668 annually, or $139 a month.

These savings are important because they significantly offset the upfront additional expense of purchasing a net-zero ready home — which, based on a 20-year mortgage and a five percent fixed interest rate, would cost homeowners an additional $99 a month.

Let’s explore a few awesome designs:

A net-zero home in London, Ontario, Canada /SIFTON PROPERTIES

This featured net-zero home opened in London, Ontario in 2015. It harnesses solar power and rainwater to draw on resources for everyday life.

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