For more than 250 days of 2016, Costa Rica ran entirely on renewables

Over the course of 2016, renewables supplied 98.1% of Costa Rica’s electricity, slightly down from the 98.8% achieved in 2015.

Costa Rica ran entirely on renewable energy for more than 250 days in 2016 as renewables supplied 98.1% of the country’s electricity.

Most of the electricity comes from hydropower plants. Costa Rica’s rivers and heavy seasonal rains are perfect for generating hydropower.

The country also uses geothermal energy and wind turbines.

There are also solar energy and biomass plants that contribute to the country’s renewable energy capacity.

From June to October, Costa Rica ran on carbon-free electricity for 110 days.

Costa Rica’s population is 4.9 million and the country has vast natural resources.

Its main industries are tourism and agriculture, which are less energy-hungry. This makes it easier to rely on renewables for electricity.

Oil is used for heating and transport. Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity, hosting 5% of the world’s species.

Less than 15% of US energy comes from renewables. Coal and gas continue to make up the bulk of US energy sources.

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