Create a website that looks like Amazon—with a few clicks

Yes, by using WordPress as a CMS and the WooCommerce Plugin, its easy. This plugin allows you to set up an online store with many features and functions.

WordPress is a very powerful CMS with great functionality and extensibility that can allow you to do nearly anything you want. Creating an online store is also among the wide range of goals you are able to achieve with this CMS.

WordPress itself does not come with a marketplace feature, but it can be enhanced and perfected by a large number of eCommerce plugins available.

Among the many plugins is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is preferred among other plugins because of its ease of use and powerful features. Developed by a highly professional team, the free plugin now has over 5.6 million downloads.

This article will help beginners install WooCommerce, configure an online store on WordPress, and start selling online successfully. We will consider that you already have a registered domain name and have a good web hosting package (with an auto script installer included) before starting with this process.

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