Hydro One “Offers to Connect” Timeline Changes

The timeline previously set by Hydro One has reportedly been reduced from 180 days to 45 days, leaving some companies distraught.

Companies that are active within the microFIT Program should be aware that Hydro One (HONI), the largest distribution company in the province, recently changed their timelines for accepting an “Offer to Connect” for a micro generator.

Previously, this timeline had been set at 180 days in-line with the timeline to construct and have the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspect a microFIT Project.

Since the introduction of microFIT 4.0, applicants and Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) must ensure that the microFIT project has been built, inspected by the ESA, connected, and the connection has been reported to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) within 180 days.

For this reason HONI has reduced the 180 day timeline to 45 days to help encourage applicants and solar companies to move through the process quickly and to avoid issues with missing the IESO’s timelines.

Feedback has it that this period shortening is causing issues with normal business cycles for some companies, an issue that needs to be addressed.

Source: Edited from CanSIA Policy & Research Update e-Newsletter – August 2016

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