Stunning Images of the largest photovoltaic power plant in Latin America

A 100MW solar PV plant in Copiapo, Chile is now the largest photovoltaic power plant in Latin America. The plant […]

A 100MW solar PV plant in Copiapo, Chile is now the largest photovoltaic power plant in Latin America.

The plant is located 37 kilometers from Copiapo in the Atacama Desert; took six months to build and has more than 310,000 PV modules spread over 250 acres.

All of the energy produced from this plant is planed to be injected into the Central Interconnected System in order to lower the net cost of grid electricity.

Ahmad Chatila, President and CEO of SunEdison, noted during the inauguration that, “This project has changed the course of non-conventional renewable energy development not only in Chile and Latin America, but throughout the world.”

Stunning images of the project: — (click ‘next page’ below for more images)


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  1. You have to be serious —-this giant of a solar panel that takes up a size of a small town–is nothing but a sand storm away from dissapearing into the ground–especially the way thats built –FLAT ON THE GROUND– so lets not have any sand storms and it will last a few years…. that the main problems that I see about “solar farms” that are not in the desert–have the same problems–flyng debrie–sharp objects–tree branches–flying around in windy days–and there will be a lot of windy days in the near future……so letd find other more reliable if we wish to have a “BRIGHT FUTURE: AND NOT PUT OUR MONEY

    1. @Antonio: You raise a very interesting point there. We can only but hope that the engineers did their job in running the necessary scenarios that include wind speeds and possible resistance to sand storms before giving an OK to such a cool project.

    2. Did you even look at the pictures before voicing your outdated and naive rhetoric? The panels are not “flat on the ground” The aerial view just appears that way, look at the rest of the pictures they are racked and tilted and appear to be even tracking. The panels are more than able to handle dust and sand, and the traditional electricity in South America is very expensive, and not reliable, and the PV production is a great savings compared to traditional power, without any incentives. Also these “expensive” projects are producing power for 20- 25 years with no further need for fuel, and return 20% and up IRR for the investors, while stabilizing the cost of electricity for the end users. Perhaps it is best to look and learn before you post Rush Limbaugh like nonsense.

      1. @Takia: Your comment seems to indicate you are well informed. The main drawback with the PV industry in the US and Canada is that the cost of electricity is quite affordable.

        Comparatively countries in Africa and Latin America really have a lot of difficulty affording and making electricity accessible to its citizens–solar power is, and may be the best solution for them. Thanks for this perspective!

  2. Very impressive , I wish this project a sand storm free life . But I am a little disappointed that more PV-T panels are not being used in this , big industry project context , to take maximum advantage per sq m . Yes , the up front cost it notably higher , but so it the advantage obtainable . Come on you guys , next time …….. there is more to be had !

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