Bullfrog Power has been acquired by Spark Power

Bullfrog Power will continue to operate under its brand name as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spark Power

Bullfrog Power is a Canadian green energy retailer operating in Canada, offering its customers power from renewable energy sources, such as wind, low-impact hydro and green natural gas

Bullfrog Power has been acquired by Spark Power, an Ontario based independent electrical power services, and solutions company.

“By combining with Spark Power, we are able to expand and evolve our solutions offerings to now empower Canadians to conserve, generate or store energy at home or with their business,” said Ron Seftel, CEO, Bullfrog Power.

Through this acquisition, Spark Power intends to aggressively pursue the solar, storage, and Electric Vehicle infrastructure market.

“The addition of Bullfrog to the Spark Power Group of Companies gives us an integrated capability and depth of expertise to deliver affordable and sustainable power solutions,” said Andrew Clark, co-CEO, Spark Power.

Bullfrog Power will continue to operate under its brand name as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spark Power.

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