U.S. congratulates India on the International Solar Alliance launch

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) aims to boost adoption of solar energy and combat climate change

The United States congratulated India on initiating and inaugurating the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

The ISA is a treaty-based inter-governmental alliance that aims to boost the adoption of solar energy, help reduce the use of fossil fuels and combat climate change.

“We extend our congratulations to the ISA on the occasion of its founding ceremony. We applaud the government of India for its efforts to initiate and inaugurate this organization, and to bring together its founding members this weekend,” a statement from the state department.

The ISA consists of 121 sunshine-rich countries that lie fully or partially between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

The heads of state from 23 nations took part in the first ISA Summit of its kind that saw the inauguration of the Alliance.

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