New candidates to lead Trump’s Council on Environmental Quality have emerged

Just weeks after withdrawing a previous nominee

Trump’s administration is considering a candidate who questions climate science for the post of White House environmental advisor, just weeks after withdrawing a previous nominee who held similar views, the New York Times reports.

Donald van der Vaart, the new candidate who is the former secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, expressed skepticism about the extent to which humans have contributed to climate change, in a telephone interview.

He also expressed a willingness to challenge the legal foundation of federal climate-change policy, known as the “endangerment finding”, which declares that greenhouse gases are harmful to human health and must be regulated, the Times writes.

Van de Vaart also offered support for the idea of “red team-blue team” debates to critique climate science that Scott Pruitt, administrator of the EPA, has said that he intends to hold.

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