Solar topped UK’s energy mix in record capacity generation

Solar installations powered as much as 28.5pc of the nation’s electricity

Solar installations powered as much as 28.5pc of the nation’s electricity on Sunday May 6th 2018, for 30 minutes

The UK’s hottest ever early May bank holiday helped solar panels to contribute to their biggest-ever share of the energy mix, the Telegraph reports.

Solar farms powered as much as 28.5 percent of the country’s electricity – more than gas-fired power plants during the same time period.

The previous record for solar’s contribution was 26.1 percent, set last July.

National Grid says that the solar power peak occurred on Sunday afternoon, reaching highs of 9.28 GW.

The Telegraph explains: “Solar was able to make its record-breaking contribution over the bank holiday in part because workplaces shut and people eschewed kettles and the TV to flock to parks and beaches”.

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