Saskatoon Light and Power proposes $3.5 million solar power plant

The Canadian City of Saskatoon is looking at building a $3.5 million solar power plant in the southwest corner of the city.

In a fit to build up its solar power capacity, Saskatoon Light & Power is looking to add clean energy resources tp its electricity system by proposing a new solar plant.

According to CBC News, the city-owned utility is proposing a 1-megawatt solar power farm on the west-side of the city. The farm will be located between Circle Drive West and Dundonald Street, pending approval by a city council vote looking forward to a 2020 ready date.

If approved, the proposed solar farm could mitigate 15,893 tonnes of carbon emissions over a 25-year period or the equivalent of taking off 134 cars from the road.

It’s all part of Saskatoon Light & Power’s target of creating 10 percent yearly electricity from renewable energy.

Different financing options have been floated around for the project, including debt financing, and contracting out to an organization to maintain. The idea of utilizing a “virtual net metering” program, which will allow consumers to add their own solar systems has been discussed.

Saskatoon Light and Power technician Paul Doyle checks smart meters in a new apartment development (Saskatoon StarPhoenix)

Saskatoon Light & Power is not the only utility in the province of Saskatoon to take advantage of falling solar costs to green-up their power production.

Earlier this year, SaskPower announced a 10-megawatt project within Southern Saskatchewan. Minister for SaskPower Gordon Wyant said the solar farm is part of Saskatchewan’s commitment to getting half of their electricity from renewable resources by 2030.

Its estimated by a Siemens Canada analyst renewable energy investment in Alberta and Saskatchewan could reach $50 billion by 2030.

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