Sono Motors unveils its solar-powered car

Ever dreamt of driving to work in a solar-powered car? Well, dream no further. Sono Motors just unveiled the SION solar-powered electric car.

After a successful crowdfunding, SONO MOTORS has finally revealed what could be the very first solar-powered electric car to hit the market.

Integrated solar cells line the entire body of the vehicle and provide power to the vehicle’s battery system. This is an additional 18 miles range using nothing but energy from the sun.

This is additional range added to the car’s normal 155 miles (250 km) range from the battery pack, according to information from the company.

Apart from being a “family-friendly” thanks to its 5 seats and optional trailer coupling; the SION might just be the vehicle for everyone—not just for the wealthy.

The car costs approximately 16,000 Euros (around $18,600) plus the cost of the battery, and it is packed with incredible features like built-in moss filtration and bi-directional charging.

The company describes the SION as an innovative electric car with integrated solar cells in the body—A self-charging electric car for infinite, sustainable driving.

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        1. @Bill: They explain in the video that each customer can either choose to rent or buy the battery. I think that’s an awesome model.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Leo. Fingers crossed while hoping SONO succeeds in penetrating the electric vehicle market with their product.

    1. Thanks for the update Ron. The article has been updated to reflect that “range”. The original data was an estimate of distance traveled using only power from the solar panels. I understand that may be confusing, hence the correction.

  1. “built-in moss filtration” ? Are you sure that this is not pollen filtration? Did you translate from German?

    1. @Peter Bannister: Please refer to the video for an explanation on the “built-in moss filtration”

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