Startup uses solar to pull drinkable water from air | Video

Meet Zero Mass Water, a solar photovoltaic setup that pulls drinkable water directly from the air

Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population. Meet Zero Mass Water, an Arizona-based startup, that is harvesting water using solar panels that pull moisture from the air, even in the desert.

“Water stress is a human condition,” says Friesen, who is founder and CEO of Zero Mass Water, the Arizona-based startup that makes Source.

“We want to guarantee access to safe drinking water for every person in the world, and fundamentally change the human relationship to water.”

Friesen’s clean water doesn’t come cheap.

A typical setup for a home will set you back about $4500 — $2000 for each of two Sources and an additional $500 for installation.

Friesen says for a household that regularly buys bottled water, payback will take about five years.

Considering that Americans drank, on average, 40 gallons of bottled water last year, he sees plenty of potential customers. Friesen says that over its lifetime, a two-panel set up may help to remove 70,000 plastic bottles from circulation.

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