Thanks Obama!

I’d like to table one last rant to conclude eight years of the Obama administration, and of progressive thinking.

We may not agree on all policies enacted by President Obama, either because of political inclinations or personal beliefs but we can all agree that he has pushed forward some of the most favorable environmentally friendly agendas to date.

Sure there has been some catastrophic failures such as the Solyndra deal, remember that one time? Let’s face it; the Solyndra technology was a game changer. Having a solar panel capable of absorbing sunlight from all angles. I was stunned when I first saw the product while present at an installation site in Springfield, Massachusetts a few years ago.

They looked very cool. It’s a shame Elon Musk hadn’t revealed the product in a Hollywood style mega reveal press conference. It would have gained mainstream popularity and gone viral instantly. Just saying!

As President Obama leaves office, let’s not focus on one or two small clean energy failures, compared to the massive fossil fuel disasters we’ve seen, but let’s focus on the huge changes and push towards renewable energy promotion and adoption that occurred during his time as President of the United States.

Damn, I’m going to miss this guy!

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