Toshiba claims record efficiency for it’s solar mini-modules

Technology will reduce cost and increase efficiency of flexible solar cell modules that can be installed on walls and other locations

Toshiba Corp has produced film-based perovskite solar cell mini-modules with a record-high conversion efficiency of 10.5%.

This efficiency rate was achieved in a 5 cm x 5 cm module and is the highest yet recorded in a multi-cell mini-module, the Japanese group said.

Toshiba achieved the 10.5% efficiency using a flexible film substrate and printing technology developed through research and development (R&D) of organic thin-film solar cells. The process allows roll-to-roll fabrication that lowers costs.

The cell structure can be fabricated at a temperature of 150 degrees C.

The company is committed to refining the technology. It will focus on increasing the module size and conversion efficiency through measures such as changing the composition of the perovskite material and process improvements.

The company said it will keep up with R&D efforts with an aim of surpassing the efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells and reaching an electricity generation cost of JPY 7 (USD 0.06/EUR 0.05) per kWh, which, it says, is equal to baseload power generation.

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