Trump falsely claims the U.S. makes better solar panels than China

Statement not supported by facts, experts say.

During a meeting with a group of governors gathered at the White House, Trump went out of his way to boost that he’s brought back the domestic manufacturing of solar panels to the United States.

He also added that the U.S. makes better solar panels than China.

“We had 32 solar panel plants. Of the 32, 30 were closed and two were on life-to-life resuscitation. They were dead,” Trump said.

“Now, they’re talking about opening up many of them, reopening plants that have been closed for a long time,” he said. “And we make better solar panels than China. One of their knocks were that the solar panels were lousy, they weren’t good. We make a much higher quality solar panel.”

The only problem with these statements? They aren’t supported by any facts, reports a “USA Today” network.

“There’s no massive wave of capital investment in new facilities occurring at this stage, nor do we really expect it to occur,” said Hugh Bromley, a solar analyst at the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “There’s no evidence the import tax has done anything to revive U.S. solar manufacturing, especially after such a short period of time.”

The Hill reports that numerous countries have filed World Trade Organization complaints over the tariffs, and a handful of Canadian solar companies have sued Trump to stop them.

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  1. The thinly veiled hate for the POTUS is often embedded in many renewable energy articles. Seems the US solar advocates don’t believe we can compete toe-to-toe. A large module manufacturer is building a plant inJacksonville Florida and will employ 800.

    1. @Ron: I disagree! Pointing out an error has nothing to do with feelings or political affiliation. Its ridiculous for anyone with so much influence on the global stage to make comments or remarks without facts.

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